On a medium post of mine, after such a horrific day, this small compliment meant the world to me.

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

RIP Magical Daisy


(Lazy) Book Review #001: Dirty Rush

I own the book Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell which is embarrassing to admit but a WIP may have a sorority minimally involved so research defense. Following is my lazy review on Goodreads as I read all 252 pages in two hours last night. I will still be reviewing Carlton Mellick III's CLUSTERFUCK when my mind is more composed. Or whatever.

you’re my favorite person (word vomit series #1)

I like to compulsively post passing thoughts and memories. This goes out to some slut that is one of my favourite people in this universe. I miss them terribly. ...READ♡MORE →



Called me his brother and told he got me to the fullest even if that means bullets, bullies, gangs, AKs,...