Watching “You’re the Worst” and I am in love.

“I JUST gave you $15,000!”

“YOU’RE the one who gave it to a money pig, that’s on you!”

Haha Vernon gave his money to an ugly findom (financial dominatrix). But seriously, this series is absolutely brilliant. My friend​ showed it to me a couple months ago and just fell in love with it a few nights ago.

I’m obviously Gretchen in one thousand ways with a dash of Jimmy sprinkled in. But I’m on my phone, you guys, so I’m going to go and post—possibly—a review of this later. I think I unintentionally wrote an episode review in my notebook the other night so might just post that instead.

Later, boners.

(DISCLAIMER: If you’re reading this, you’re obviously lovely and not a boner at all though.)

“I’m used to being the complicated one. Becca is like a Monday crossword but do you know my girlfriend Gretchen? Pfft, Sunday. Takes all day, but it’s rewarding as hell.”

Editbut please dismiss my ramblings for a moment.

And oh, stray observation—these reviews online praise the show but the repetition of how “awful fuck-ups” and “bad people”  the main characters are is getting depressing—i see myself in them, Gretchen ESPECIALLY. And her descriptions of clinical depression were actually spot on and brutally honest as I have major depressive disorder/clinical depression too.

Also, it’s stuff like this heh…

Plot Twist (or SPOILER ALERT): (although sad) LOL I AM THOSE PEOPLE. The ones “you pray not to be seated by in resteraunts​” are people like me, ha. I see myself very much in these characters.

And I’m used to similar people. Maybe the city I’ve lived in for the past ten years really is another world. There really is nothing like it.

Lately I’ve noticed a disturbing-but-sad trend in television characters I identify with—

Spoiler alert (again): they’re almost always described as awful and bad people. Even worse, in most cases I had no idea such characters were seen as or supposed to be bad people, ha!

But real talk, being completely honest—I like the person I am just fine.  I accept myself and know I’m far from a bad person. But it is rather amusing to have become aware of this.


posted via my Galaxy S7 smartphone.

(…that I desperately wish was a Blackberry Priv—fuck you, Charlie. And yes, Charles, I’ll put you on blast. I mean, you’re back in prison or whatever so it isn’t likely you’ll see this but I’ll never get over that.)

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