UPDATE: where the hell has Hardgore been AND SOME でんぱ組.inc?

Yeah, I’m Hardgore. My camname is Hardgore Aina.

So sorry for my hiatus! First I had no wifi forever and my mom visited then the past week I’ve been very busy with life changes including my best female friend Twintail Black (also find her on MyFreeCams here as Valerie Singer)!

I’ve also got a nice little group of amazing friends too now,it’s been a long time since having a specific set group of us like this. Not to mention they are amazing people. Just one person is missing *wink” but will be joining us soon. (There is five of us in total, three guys two girls including myself and the temporarily missing M.) The four of us spent the weekend together here sort of to celebrate Twintail Black (I’m Twintail Pink duh) moving into our house! R, J, and I spent a lot of time enjoying South Park together entirely too much LOL and I loved that. Also showed them Key and Peele’s Aerobic Breakdown sketch they enjoyed too much and Dicknanigans (two personal favorites!)

Also I’ve been absent from GURASHII Mag but don’t worry I’ll be posting there too soon enough with アイドル (idol) news!

Also I’ve recently begun learning to read Tarot. When my mum visited she did a reading and began to teach me and I did an amazing love reading for Twintail Black last night so if interested in one, email me at abbie@idoltrash.com

KAI THE HITCHHIKER HAS CALLED AND BEEN IN CONTACT TOO so I’ll update more on him soon enough and probably another interview.

Been working on Hell Week my current novel project WIP always which I will update more about soon. And you can catch me on MyFreeCams as Hardgore Aina aka Hime at http://mfc.im/stripperhime!

Sorry for all the time missing, site is still under reconstruction, and I will be active again! Never be afraid to email or comment.

lastly i felt compelled to share my new love of でんぱ組.inc (dempagumi.inc)! I became a HUGE Oomori Seiko fan since absence btw. But past few days I sort of fell for this group I never bothered with much…

In WWDII it’s the future and all the girls have new careers and Pinky has a new idol group with Dear Stage and all are miserable, missing the old days when BIS (YESSSS MY GIRLS WERE SO CUTE AND BADASS) promptly shows up to kidnap Pinky during a live stream thus reuniting our idol group to save her. Love the song and video plus the b side.
Denpa style songs are usually nonsensical and off key which I love especially for jpop so they may not be for you. Old song or not, check em out ♡
Love, Aibon (Beichan)

“でんぱ組.inc「W.W.D Ⅱ」MV【マイナスからのスタート、やっぱキツい!?】”

the b-side to the single is a favourite too HERE

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