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“Guys, come on! Can’t we have one poker night without a hate crime!?” #Archer

Just a mobile post with a quick update as to where I’ve been.

I fell very ill. Which is why I have been completely MIA. Still haven’t been feeling much better. And that’s why I’ve been missing messages, texts, emails, and all. Haven’t meant to ghost at all.

I’m so sick this isn’t even from my computer but my phone yet again.

MAMA MEL IS HERE THOUGH! Which is very exciting and spirit lifting!

(Follow my mom Mel on Twitter HERE)

I’m​ going to be interviewed by Ocamgirl soon which will be my first interview ever! And is pretty exciting, by the way.

I also have interviews coming for Mahou Shoujo Trash with people such as friend Bernard Robichaud (most known as his role in Trailer Park Boys as the character Cyrus)  and Kai the Hitchhiker (who I have gotten to speak with on the phone and is an absolutely wonderful person and valuable human being! YouTube star from his news interview gone viral)! These were originally planned for but, for obvious reasons, will be posted here at Mahou Shoujo Trash!

( was shut down after finally purchasing  a .moe domain—at which time I found a better hosting plan that’s been already paid a year in advance.  Also, idoltrash was my first owned domain hosted at squarespace. Being used to, I wanted to move to WordPress for a long time.)

Ugh, I feel very bad still so I’m going to lay back down. As soon as I’m feeling better I’ll be replying to everything and posting more frequently. To be more specific, a daily basis. And this site needs a lot of cleaning up…plus necessary information pages added…

I’m oversharing, oops.


—love Minto



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