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(POP CULTURE NEWS) Kesha Rose’s NEW ALBUM DROPPING + MV FOR 1ST SINGLE RELEASED! (BONUS) Kesha opens up about her eating disorder and talks inspiration behind new song/album

I'm an animal, a HUGE Kesha Rose fan since 2012. Fun fact about me. I'm SO THRILLED THIS MADE MY DAY but Kesha released her music video for "Praying" and on August 11th comes her third album "Rainbows". So in honour of these things, I've posted an essay she wrote on her eating disorder via teen vogue, link in the article. Oh, and she wrote an even better essay for Lena Dunham's and Jenni Konner's

you’re my favorite person (word vomit series #1)

I like to compulsively post passing thoughts and memories. This goes out to some slut that is one of my favourite people in this universe. I miss them terribly. ...READ♡MORE →