UPDATE: where the hell has Hardgore been AND SOME でんぱ組.inc?

First, Oomori Seiko is my queen. Second, I'm loving (でんぱ組.inc). Third, where the hell have I been? Lastly, catch my new roommate and I on cam at MYFREECAMS.

The Shit Sandwich

Re-watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia S10 finale and Frank's hella obsessed with seeing someone eat a shit sandwich. This is a story from my childhood that my dad used​ to tell me. As sick as it is, I always found it hilarious. This is a true story about a shit sandwich. click the featured photo to read more

Watching “You’re the Worst” and I am in love.

This show is absolutely brilliant and I cannot stop binge watching it. Gretchen (played by Aya Cash) is my other TV spirit animal. (The others obviously being George Costanza from Seinfeld and Roger of American Dad.) And what the hell is "life logging"?

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 11 after thought

"Should we do this?" "Let's go be with the gang." Quick thought after finishing season eleven of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, in honour of my Sunny Bunny. In loving memory of my sunshine, Always Sunny. (March 19, 2017)

On a medium post of mine, after such a horrific day, this small compliment meant the world to me.

you’re my favorite person (word vomit series #1)

I like to compulsively post passing thoughts and memories. This goes out to some slut that is one of my favourite people in this universe. I miss them terribly. ...READ♡MORE →