UPDATE: where the hell has Hardgore been AND SOME でんぱ組.inc?

First, Oomori Seiko is my queen. Second, I'm loving (でんぱ組.inc). Third, where the hell have I been? Lastly, catch my new roommate and I on cam at MYFREECAMS.

アイドル ― IDOL NEWS #02 Maeda Atsuko MV “selfish” (short ver) for NEW UPCOMING ALBUM

CLICK HERE FOR MV Maeda Atsuko, former AKB48 centre, is coming out with an album 6/22/2017! It includes previous solo...

IDOL NEWS: Tomomi Itano has released MV and some details for 9th single #ii ne! (#いいね!)

SUPER FANGIRLING EDITION! Tomochin (graduated member of AKB48, my kami-oshi since January 2013 and all time favourite idol next to...