The Shit Sandwich

Re-watching the Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 10 finale and for some reason Frank is obsessed with seeing someone eat a shit sandwich! So I decided to share a story from my childhood, one that I loved hearing and always asked my Dad to tell me.

…Okay I’ve still continued to ask him to tell me or friends this story throughout adulthood too hahaha.

So a favourite story that my dad would tell me when I was a young prince was the Shit Sandwich Story. It was about the sad, dark shit he saw as a young man volunteering at a nursing home and how he had to use humour/comedy to deal with all these depressing things going on around him.

“If we didn’t make jokes, you’d off yourself — it’s way too depressing. Too heavy.”

I always understood completely — because, story of my life!

Well, in this particular story (there were many from the volunteer job) he once was cleaning up the cafeteria after the elderly had lunch when he discovered​ something interesting. It was just a ordinary sandwich — at least it appeared to be until he got a closer look. It was absolutely not any ordinary sandwich, it was a shit sandwich! (actually I think I remember him referring it to a turd sandwich, I’ll say shit to relate to the Frank obsession in this episode, because I’m going to have to ask my dad to clarify which because I also remember shit sandwich…)

But yeah, the turd sandwich story always had me crying with laughter as a child, even worse when the story takes a darker turn…

The shit sandwich had a bite taken out of it.

That’s always been my favourite part of the entire story.

Admittedly, this story still cracks me up.

Continuing the story — to be funny, my dad brought the sandwich to the rest of the nurses saying, “Hey you guys, customers were complaining — says the food tastes like SHIT!” Hahaha, cheesy joke!

And as my dad found himself laughing his ass off, one nurse threw up and the other proceeded to say how awful that was.

You need humour to survive. I’ve found so much good and relief during tragic and horrific circumstances throughout my life because of this philosophy (developed somehow on my own as a small child) and because of my incredible talent in finding humour in any situation.

Another fun fact? When I don’t know how to appropriately react emotionally to a situation, I burst out laughing. It’s been very uncomfortable and inappropriate in many situations in my life. Also pissed off a lot of ratchet white strippers that had gotten in my face during work while in the private dance room — very classy of them.

But these are all stories for another time.


LOL this just happened on the television while writing this LOL!

Sweet Dee:

“This is about something completely different now — something MUCH more important!”


Frank *excitedly*:

“Shit sandwich?!!”


Sweet Dee:

“What — why?! — what is that?! NO!”


Anyway, I hope someone enjoys these random thoughts, fun facts about myself and my strange life. Because they will happen a lot on this blog.

They’re kind of going to be an ongoing thing so….

And if no one does well, this isn’t about you. It’s for me. I’m preserving memories.


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