First of all this site will be more defined and move to another url. This url will redirect. This site will be a personal variety of interviews, reviews, etc etc of all forms of art whether inspirational people, writers, directors, filmmakers, visual art, tv, film, acting, anime even, books, music, and more. It’ll be more clearly defined. I created this for me and quickly it’s becoming something much more! And a huge goal is to promote and help others especially artists whatever your form may be. Kai is a cause I’m passionate about and supporting him will be ongoing. 

Then the personal journal and randomized stuff that’s all just for me to have blogging hobbywise. Mostly journal and poetry and random things.

Then I may create an Japanese idol site unless I become a head writer on a site unnamed for the idol section. 

And I’m creating a sex work related niche blog. To unite the sisterhood, fight the whorerarchy and stigma, and to show we all are normal people you see daily.

Etc these are brainstorms. This site isn’t going anywhere but it will be a new URL that this directs to. And it will be more clear what our mission is and content more closely related although still a range of various things. If I’m making sense. Just know we are moving and I have more niche blogs coming soon. 

Abigail Suzuki

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