you’re my favorite person (word vomit series #1)

I like talking to you.

I miss those hours spent just

I felt like a human again.

It’s too bad that I never said anything.

In the foyer doorway of my house,I can still see us standing there. Slurring about what would make things change. Hint hint hints so loud you could have shouted it clearly and still I would probably have kept it to myself. Like an idiot.

Could have stopped it but I didn’t. And I regret everything.

But it’s okay. The gods do things because they know better than we do. And it’s okay now. Sort of.

Just so much unsaid. And I fear it’s too late now.

“and made me think maybe human’s not such a bad thing to be.”

— “Constant Headache” Joyce Manor

one of a few revived posts from my former website (Jan/9th/2017 – April/1st/2017)

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