random/little updates and news: SORRY GUYS, I’VE BEEN A MESS

I’m working on writing the transcript for the first interview with Hitchhiker Kai RIGHT NOW! That will be posted along with the audio recording of our phone conversation, unedited. Trying to get this up as soon as possible because time is a very important factor right now. So please, ignore my ramblings and unprofessional interruptions – I was sleep deprived and somehow forgot we were conducting an interview and not having one of our casual conversations! Anyway, IT WILL BE UPLOADED WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR! The longest part is typing the transcript…then I will include a quick summary of who Kai is to refresh any memories or learn something new! And I will provide more helpful links with further information on Kai, the legal situation, etc. HIS VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD which is why this wasn’t conducted like a normal interview. I basically let him say whatever he wanted to get out there for everyone, what he felt is crucial for people to know – at least what we could do in the fifteen minute phone call. More will come, because we need to spread awareness for the corrupt situation he is stuck in. It’s not right, not legal by any means, and not fair. Four years have been wrongfully stolen from his life so far, just because he fought for his life in self defense…there’s a lot more to it so keep checking. It will be up within an hour or less! Plenty of information to fill you in will be provided in the post. I’m in a rush to start now that’s why this is so sloppy!

Also, I’m working on new supporting pages for the site and a new homepage. I still have an interview with ocamgirl.com scheduled (IM being interviewed on video by THEM! so excited!) and more stuff planned yada yada. I will also be updating more regularly – way more. Daily. So I have to go so I can hurry and get this crucial post done!

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