(POP CULTURE NEWS) Kesha Rose’s NEW ALBUM DROPPING + MV FOR 1ST SINGLE RELEASED! (BONUS) Kesha opens up about her eating disorder and talks inspiration behind new song/album

*UPDATED EDITION I fucking love Kesha Rose. And can’t say that for many American pop artists. So I am pleased to announce Kesha Rose‘s new single and music video “praying” and upcoming, highly anticipated, third album “rainbow” (to be released on august 11th).

In honour of these things here’s my repost/article of the week! (links included below: essay source, new music video (for the first time in four years) for “Praying”, and talking the inspiration behind it all at Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter. i’ve also included the new album artwork! your welcome, animals!)

“Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And that no one can take the magic you make.”

Kesha Rose (via TeenVogue.com)

I’ve been an outcast ever since I can remember. I grew up in Nashville, with a single mom who was oblivious to social norms. She encouraged me to make music, sew my own clothes, and express myself. She told me never to be ashamed of who I was. Other kids didn’t know what to make of me.

I was often bullied and shamed into hiding the things that made me unique. I remember hanging up the velvet pants I had made by hand and asking my mother to take me to the Gap to buy some “normal clothes” at one point. That experiment failed miserably. It just wasn’t me.

When I think about the kind of bullying I dealt with as a child and teen, it seems almost quaint compared with what goes on today. The amount of body-shaming and baseless slut-shaming online makes me sick. I know from personal experience how comments can mess up somebody’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth. I have felt so unlovable after reading cruel words written by strangers who don’t know a thing about me.

It became a vicious cycle: When I compared myself to others, I would read more mean comments, which only fed my anxiety and depression. Seeing paparazzi photos of myself and the accompanying catty commentary fueled my eating disorder. The sick irony was that when I was at some of the lowest points in my life, I kept hearing how much better I looked. I knew I was destroying my body with my eating disorder, but the message I was getting was that I was doing great.

In the past couple of years I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve realized that once you take the step to help yourself, you’re going to be so happy you did. Taking the time to work on yourself requires bravery. Trying to change your life based on other people’s thoughts can drive you crazy. You have to figure out what makes you feel good and what keeps you in a positive head space.

This is one reason why I’ve changed my relationship with social media. I love it because it’s how I communicate with my fans—and nothing means more to me than my fans—but too much of it can exacerbate my anxiety and depression.

This year I made a pledge to take more breaks from social media and screens and spend more time in nature. For me, some of the most therapeutic experiences include hiking up a mountain or riding a bike by the beach. Being among animals in their natural habitats reminds me that my problems are so small. Our lives are no more significant than the lives of any other animals. We’re all just animals, after all!

I’m currently writing an album that explores how my vulnerabilities are a strength, not a weakness. With this essay, I want to pass along the message to anyone who struggles with an eating disorder, or depression, or anxiety, or anything else, that if you have physical or emotional scars, don’t be ashamed of them, because they are part of you. Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And that no one can take the magic you make.

read the article/essay originally posted @TeenVogue here


THIRD ALBUM Rainbow album artwork via Billboard DROPPING AUGUST 11TH 2017

And read her newer and even better essay explaining the art and inspiration behind the highly anticipated third album “Rainbow” and new single “Praying” HERE @ Lenny Letter (run by Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham).

watch the beautiful video for “Praying” HERE @ VEVO

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