first INTERVIEW: conversation with KAI THE HITCHHIKER (audio)

04/14/2017 – INTERVIEW #001 with Kai the Hitchhiker – Important LINKS BELOW for Further News, Information, and MORE.

You can help by sharing these below links with as many people as you can! To all those who love and support Kai, we all thank you so much and so does he. It truly means everything to him.

*I did not have the time today to write up the transcript or cut unnessary ramblings of mine like I wanted and also me randomly at the end forgetting I was recording, “Poor Kai!” I had no sleep and head was spinning! We had a phone call before this call, which he wanted to jump right into the interview.

Not your traditional interview, considering the situation and circumstances. A recorded phone conversation to let Kai give everyone a summary of what’s going on. We only can do fifteen minute phonecalls, so instead of a traditional interview, I let Kai talk and take the lead and voice what he feels is most necessary for people to know what exactly is going on right now.

(I also want to apologize for my interruptions and ramblings in the interview. I felt rushed, nervous, overwhelmed, and with o sleep, so somehow I forgot it was not just one of our casual conversations. So I apologize in advance for my acting unprofessionally in conducting our interview. But I’m sure there will be more to come! I’m sorry though.)

Further reading, information, documents, and more:

  1. the Official Legal Support Page of Kai the Hitchhiker ran by many wonderful people and supporters of Kai. Here you will find the most up to date news and information on Kai and his situation and how you can help his cause. There are TONS of documents, articles, etc and all of it is ran by Kai himself. His volunteers/friends/supporters who admin the page post as directed from him, himself so NO it is not fake, as I’ve seen people ask on there. This is THE MOST current news page dedicated to Kai.
  2. Kai Songbird on Youtube: OFFICIAL YOUTUBE ACCOUNT OF KAI this is Kai’s official youtube account and there is more information and calls from Kai recorded and put up here too.
  3. Petition at to EXPOSE THE TRUTH TO THE MEDIA with more information on Kai and please spread awareness by sharing this as well! I know many of you remember this being in huge letters on the homepage of my site up until a few days ago! and many others i’m sure remember me pestering and spamming you all with the link to sign the petition and thank you EVERYONE so much for doing so!



Please spread awareness of this case! Kai is a wonderful and valuable human being who does not deserve this. Not only has he been a hero (his viral news interview alone he saved many lives- this is how he earned the nickname kai the hitchhiker, if you don’t know of the youtube sensation already).

It’s very crucial that we EXPOSE the corruption and illegal things surrounding Kai’s case – he simply was defending his life and a group of people “The Good Ole Boys Club” have been covering up the rapist’s tracks from the start and there is a plethora of information and documents supporting this. He’s been accused wrongfully and the corrupt legal system persons involved have twisted the case to their favour. IT IS IMPORTANT THE TRUTH IS EXPOSED! An innocent man has sat in jail for four years (case constantly being pushed aside and hidden as best as they can) for self defense.

Again I am very sorry for not writing the transcript of our phonecall (yet) or having time to edit out my unnecessary ramblings. I also want to apologize for how sloppy and rushed I am posting this article. This is very important and I’ve had a crazy day but I cannot be putting this off! I apologize again. I’m sleep deprived today, too, so sorry for sounding – again – unprofessional. Please spread awareness and refer to the links above! Maybe I can repost an edited recording with transcript soon and a proper post dedicated to this. I conisder Kai a friend and very special person in my life, which I don’t consider many. He’s suffered so much but has become such a truly GOOD person. He’s extremely intelligent and so full of wonderful things to say and teach. It’s impossible to explain at the moment! (And sorry Kai! I’ll be mailing you this right away along with a transcript so when you do read this, my apologies. Future interviews etc will be better.)

Also, if I do repost this as a new article, dont worry, I will not be deleting this one.

Love, Minto

(Abigail Aibon Suzuki)

Special thanks to Nycole!!!!

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