IDOL NEWS: Tomomi Itano has released MV and some details for 9th single #ii ne! (#いいね!)


Tomochin (graduated member of AKB48, my kami-oshi since January 2013 and all time favourite idol next to Ai Kago) has really kept up with her solo career which makes me so happy! Two full albums and now her 9th single, which is very refreshing!

She just released the MV for super catchy upcoming 9th single #ii ne! (#いいね!)It’s much different than previous singles, but the song has a retro bubblegum pop vibe that is extremely cute, much like the video! Also brings a pure idol vibe to it (instead of her usual sexy dances and videos like OMG! not that I complain!) which is very nostalgic. Really cute, switching it up from usual singles, and overall perfect!


We have the MV, single covers, and some details,

but we don’t yet have any other track titles yet!

There will be 3 editions released:


#ii ne! Regular Edition – CD ONLY


#ii ne! Limited Edition A CD + DVD (MV and Making Of)


#ii ne! Limited Edition B CD + photobook included

Tomomi Itano
#IiNe! MV



S/O! Special thanks to Kime.Kame for being the first to alert me about this! And for being (probably) my favourite english idols news resource!

Let me know your thoughts on the mv/single in the comments below!

Anyone buying a copy?

If so, which edition are you thinking of grabbing?

Also feel free to share the post to spread the news!


xo, Minto



2 Responses to “IDOL NEWS: Tomomi Itano has released MV and some details for 9th single #ii ne! (#いいね!)

  • Great post! Glad to see that you liked the switch from her more mature songs to a bubblegum pop sound. Thanks for the shoutout too, I’m flattered that you like my site!

    • Awe, thank you! I felt so lame, because as a lifelong writer and blogging ten years (only traditional journalesque and poetry though) I’m NOT used to actual articles yet whatsoever so I thought it was a wreck. I’m used to journaling, novels, fiction, etc but only recently begun giving it a go since creating this site! That means so much hun! and OF COURSE! I already planned on putting your site in upcoming “Link roundup” posts on favourite blogs category, favourite idol blogs, idol news, etc and considered (when I build my personal link page) adding a section to favourite sites and resources by category and if I do it I always planned you’d be #1 on the idol category !!! and right???I love the change too! the mature songs are amazing but i was worried she wouln’t grow or branch out you know? xoxo! Minto

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