@GIRLTRASHCULTURE ON OTHER SNS #1 i have watched anime w japanese audio since early childhood. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF I DO NOT ENJOY ANIME. WHY?! are you forreals, Aina? bc you are full of anime ink. yes, but i’m not an asshole (too much) about it how it sounds… i am nearly impossible to please. #cursed #kidddinggg

ainasenpai on crunchyroll –  MY PROFILE

finally trying new anime again. check short MGRP review.

at first glance, especially with the title, this post looks essentially 100% pointless and irrelevant to anyone, 

but i promise it is semi-relevant! depending what you’re into heh.

(side note: yes we are still moving to a NEW url that will auto redirect from here when ready. update on that quick, sorry nobobies.*)

anyway, i forgot completely that i have been paying for crunchyroll. facepalm.

also, SNS means social networking sites, i tend to see it used online in Japan but not so much the states. quick vocabulary note! wwwwww

(thats essentially lol or lololol on japanese SNS! learn shit and be cooler than everyone 😉 haha i’m stupid sometimes wwwww)

ANYWAYYYYYY  i will, on here, FULLY REVIEW FIRST THE RECENTLY RELEASED MGRP MAGICAL GIRL RAISING PROJECT FIRST NOVEL, JUST RELEASED IN ENGLISH VIA YEN PRESS! yes i got my beautiful copy and will also be shown. i have online translations but….books are beautiful, no?

also,  a little review of the MGRP anime will follow respectively.

*NO ONE reading this is a nobody. i sometimes refer to my readers as “nobodies” bc i naturally assume NOBODY is reading it. if i am wrong i sincerely thank and love each one of you lovely creatures !!!

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