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IDOL NEWS: Tomomi Itano has released MV and some details for 9th single #ii ne! (#いいね!)

SUPER FANGIRLING EDITION! Tomochin (graduated member of AKB48, my kami-oshi since January 2013 and all time favourite idol next to...

random/little updates and news: SORRY GUYS, I’VE BEEN A MESS

sorry guys, a lot has been going on. i have to rush and post the kai interview/conversation NOW, so i'm typing up the transcript of our phone call! sloppy post, few little updates too but i'm in a rush. ...READ♡MORE →


I finally talked to Kai again on the phone twice in the past two days ! And I finally have...

The Shit Sandwich

Re-watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia S10 finale and Frank's hella obsessed with seeing someone eat a shit sandwich. This is a story from my childhood that my dad used​ to tell me. As sick as it is, I always found it hilarious. This is a true story about a shit sandwich. click the featured photo to read more

mobile update

“Guys, come on! Can’t we have one poker night without a hate crime!?” #Archer Just a mobile post with a...