Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 11 after thought

“We’re not good people! We can’t even die peacefully!”

Hearing Glenn Howerton may leave the show but might not is depressing. Dennis has always been my favorite character. Every time I think that I hear Manni’s voice saying, “You would like Dennis!” Haha because of his sociopathic nature and such.

And more depressing, the show was awful for a while until season nine’s opening episodes. And some of ten’s “okay” episodes. However the last three episodes of season eleven gave me hope. I was quite pleased.

“Should we do this?”

“Let’s go be with the gang.”

I loved this season so much. I mean, there were a couple episodes I didn’t quite care for. But it was the season with most promise in a long time. The first few of season 9 were hilarious but I had lost faith in Sunny after that, which was heartbreaking. Now that I have watched season 12 too (HILARIOUS…Old Lady House is absolutely my favourite.) I have a lot of hope. As long as Dennis (Glenn Howerton) doesn’t leave us.

Season 11 was really funny. I had just finished it when I started this post. My favourites are definitely The Gang Hits The Slopes, Charlie Catches a Leprechaun, and The Gang Goes To Hell (Parts 1&2).

The finale had me laughing my ass off, from the fake dinner party (THEY TOOK IT SO SERIOUSLY LOL “Don’t kick the dog.”) to their last moments together tattling on each other.

And, like Larry David (spirit animal), I stick to a “no lessons, no hugging” rule when it comes to writing tv or when I watch a comedy. I feel the same applies to Always Sunny.

But I found an exception to this ruleーthe last scene in the brig, when the water has pretty much filled to the top, everyone goes to the bottom of the brig underwater to sit next to each other. And accompanied by piano music, they all decide to hold hands, sitting side by side. The scene was filmed beautifully and me, with my heart of ice, really found it touching. They accept death together, awful people or not.

Then they go back to their old selves and punch and shove each other out of the way when the door above opens and they appear to be rescued. Or going to Heaven? I don’t want to spoil the ending really. It shocked me. But I loved it.

It’s a great show. And I’m so glad they’ve gotten more in touch with their roots in a fresh way.
Thank God.

If you had given up on Always Sunny like I had, go watch seasons 11 and 12. You WON’T be let down. I’m seriously!

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  • The eleventh season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiered January 6, 2016 on FXX and concluded on March 9, 2016.

    • of course! i was late to watching 11 and 12 after 9 began strong then went meh and 10 followed as mostly eh but thank you! other people may need to know!

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