(Lazy) Book Review #001: Dirty Rush

I own the book Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell which is embarrassing to admit but a WIP may have a sorority minimally involved so research defense. Following is my lazy review on Goodreads as I read all 252 pages in two hours last night. I will still be reviewing Carlton Mellick III’s CLUSTERFUCK when my mind is more composed. Or whatever.

Scream Queens is one of my all time favourite TV shows, series one anyway. Well I found out it was inspired by a viral email by Rebecca Martinson who wrote the foreword for this and included the letter. it was super cheap and my dad grabbed me a copy. I read it in two hours, literally. Not my usual reading choice. I’ve definitely never been in a sorority. Obviously. And if anyone says obvi near me I will punch them in the boob. But it was interesting looking inside one in this book that is a memoir of Taylor Bell’s experience. It is written as a narrative fiction, though. It was a cute read and when the scandal broke out I was inside panicking as if I was Taylor and reading fast as fuck to ensure the shit was cleared up (not to spoil anything). I knew who the culprit was too, so it’s no surprising read but I didn’t expect it to be. I was hoping for hazing, but no.

It was average and I wouldn’t read it again not recommend unless someone I knew was in a sorority so they could drunk-stumble down Greek memory lane. But I’ve read worse so 3/5. And the dialogue was spot on to millennials. I liked that aspect a lot but I will cuntpunt or tit punch anyone who says “obvi” in my presence. 

The best part of this book, in my opinion, was sadly the viral sorority email by Rebecca Martinson—which wasn’t even fucking part of the book but a reprinting of it. Which you can find anywhere online. I’ll include that below. That’s what inspired Scream Queens which was surprising. But if I think about it, actually it isn’t. Reading that and thinking, holy shit this is how sorority girls talk? Sounds like a fun story but I would want to kill them all…Wait! It will be a story about a sorority of girls like this and they are all being murdered by someone in a Red Devil costume and it will be super meta! Boom. That’s how Scream Queens was probably born out of this letter. I am Ryan Murphy.

And here is the viral email dubbed the deranged sorority sister who I find to sound perfectly sane. I’m a generation X millennial, so…..

Or am I y? 1991 born.

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